Parsons Printing & Typography Ltd.

Staff Profiles

Staff and management at Parsons Printing and Typography Ltd. are all dedicated to the timely completion of your print orders, fair and reasonable prices, and the delivery of quality printed products to your door. Let our friendly, capable staff take care of your printing concerns. We’ll get them done right and on time and we will have Fun getting the job done well!

Marla Parsons-McAusland

Office Manager

Marla Parsons McAusland has been hanging around our printing operation as long as we can remember. When she was very young she would come in and do collating or help out with folding etc. She has been a full time employee now for over 10 years.  Marla now heads up our front office and customer service department. She truly enjoys her interactions with customers and is extremely good at it. Marla is also a shareholder so when you are talking to Marla… you are talking to an owner!


Al Parsons


Al Parsons has been in the business of “putting ink on paper” for over 40 years. The first 17 ½ at the Daily Herald Tribune as the Advertising Manager followed by the last 25 years since founding Parsons Printing & Typography in 1988. Ink is in his blood! He has always truly enjoyed working with the many customers he has had fun, positive working relationships with over the years. It’s not really work… it’s more like positive visiting! We can both have fun getting the job done well.


Ann Parsons


Ann Parsons is our “resident people person”. She likes to talk to people, help people, work with people. People are her life. Ann was recruited in 1995 to fill a big void at Parsons Printing and she hasn’t missed a beat since starting. She makes our shop a friendlier place to do business and to work. Give Ann a call and tell her you want to talk to her; it will make her day!


Chuck Guillas

Production Manager

Chuck Guillas is the Production Manager for Parsons Printing and Typography. There are some solid reasons for that. He has twenty five years of experience, having gone directly from school into the printing business. He is extremely good at what he does and he enjoys it. He’s also a shareholder in Parsons Printing, so when you are dealing with Chuck, you are also dealing with an owner!



Jean Kirscht


Our Accounting Department has been in the very capable hands of Jean Kirscht since 1994. All inquiries are handled with diplomacy and professionalism. Her knowledge of all things payable or receivable are second to none. She’s the best at taking care of your business!





At Parsons Printing, we are all about Reliability on print matters and excellent customer service. Our Front counter staff will greet you with a warm smile and courteously handle your orders and inquiries.


Graphics Team


Carol Smiegielski, Wade Whibley & Becky Schamehorn

The four members of our Graphics team have been educated by well-known college and university graphics programs. This allows us to offer a wide range of styles and different looks for our customers. When your printing requirements come to Parsons, all this talent is at your disposal & we’ll have fun getting your job done well!


Press Room


Lana Abrey & Justin Burgess

Once your print job has hit the press room, our dedicated team of personnel goes to work to finish the product. The end result is fair and reasonable pricing on quality printed products that are delivered in a timely fashion. Rest assured that your job will be done well and we will have fun doing it!